Spanish teachers onscreen in your classroom

We offer Spanish teachers to connect via Skype to your school classroom, providing you with native tutors from various countries. You can host an online class with a special featured guest speaker who is also a qualified Spanish teacher. Just plug a computer into a large monitor or use a data projector and the whole class can participate.

Students can discover new cultures, connecting with our teachers from throughout Latin America. Inspire your student's interest and expand their geographic, historical, musical and cultural awareness and understanding in a convenient and safe environment.

We can adapt to your school's requirements and curriculum, adding to your resources and providing firsthand knowledge from both central and South America. Students can interact and listen to different accents and dialects in thought-provoking conversation and exercises.


Using Skype in the classroom opens up possibilities for both students and faculty members for further collaboration in classroom activities, bringing education to life.

If you wish, the tutor can speak only in Spanish, only in English or a mixture of Spanish and English as appropriate to your children's needs and your school's requirements.

We can provide introductory sessions covering greetings, counting, days of the week and names of months right through to lessons on advanced grammar, to cover specific topics by expert teachers or just simple Spanish conversation. In addition to our video class we also have an online white board and full curriculum if requested; homework can also be assigned electronically.

You are free to choose any of our teachers and can select a tutor from a different country for each class. Each lesson can also focus on the geographical, cultural and political differences with each teacher's direct knowledge and input. Tutors can also tell students about festivals - both festivals that are specific to Spanish culture and different ways of celebrating festivals such as Christmas, New Year's Day and Easter.

This is a safe and friendly way to introduce students to new experiences without the problems of strangers visting the classroom or online.

We can do mystery calls where the class can ask questions for clues on where the teacher is located. Contact us to see how we can assist you with bringing an online Spanish lesson into your classroom!